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Resources for Teachers

Internet Basics for Educators

Projects to incorporate the Internet in Education

Where to get Internet Software

General Guides to Using the Internet

Web Teacher - This is a great tutorial on both using the internet and writing web pages. Note that you can choose either a Windows or Mac version of the tutorial. There is also a version in Spanish. By the Tech Corps and Cable Television Industry.
LivingInternet.Com - A good general introduction to all aspects of the Internet.
The Help Web - A guide to getting started on the Internet.
Community Learning Network - lesson plans, professional development, and guides to learning about the internet.
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - The place to begin your search for educational sites on the Internet.
The Scout Toolkit - Guides to searching the net, to net tools, and to webzines.

General Guides to Using the Internet in the Classroom

Educational Web Design - This is a good place to become familiar with the types of things that you can do with your class on the internet.

CyberBee - Internet lesson plans and suggestions for using technology in the classroom. Also help with building your own web page and some internet treasure hunts.

The Web Quest Page - Curriculum units involving Internet use. The emphasis here is on problem solving, critical thinking, and getting students involved in their own learning.

Web Quests - Web quests designed by the Baltimore Public Schools.

Kid Safe Search Sites - Use directories and search engines to locate information on the web for your students.

Filamentality - This site will guide you in the construction of 5 types of web projects such as a hot list, sampler, or web quest. From the Pacific Bell Knowledge Network Explorer

Track Star - Set up your own trail of links on the web for your students to follow. Track Star is an excellent way to organize web sites for a classroom unit. You can design your own or use tracks designed by other teachers.

School Web Clubs - Ideas for school web club projects.

Surfing the Net with Kids - Excellent guide to finding timely educational and fun web sites. From the newspaper column of Barbara J. Feldman.

Mustang: A Web Cruising Vehicle for Teachers - A project to assist educators to integrate the World Wide Web into their curriculum.

Projects using the Internet in the classroom

Global SchoolNet Foundation - At the projects registry, you can locate a project in which to participate or register a new project which you are starting. There is also a professional development section for teachers.
ePALS Classroom Exchange - Registry for finding electronic penpals around the world.
Kidlink - Projects to involve children ages 10-15 in a global dialog.
ThinkQuest - An annual contest which challenges students (ages 12 to 19) to use the Internet as a teaching and learning tool.
KidsCom - A site for kids looking for keypals.