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Resources for Students

News and Magazines on and about the Net

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Internet News
  • News.Com - Frequently updated daily news of the computer and internet world. From CNet.
  • CNet Online - CNet's main page with informative articles about many aspects of the net and computers.
  • InternetNews.com - Daily news about the Internet.
  • Wired News - Daily news from Wired magazine.
  • Edupage - One of the best information sources about the Internet and the computer industry. Issued three times a week and apparently only available by e-mail.
  • Onlineinc.Com - Daily news of the Internet and electronic media.
  • TechWeb - The business of the internet.
  • Internet World Online - News, programming, and product reviews make this a very useful site.
  • ZDNet DevHead - News and links for web developers.
  • Web Developer's Journal - Top notch site for web developers with sections for both amateur and professional web page developers. There are also book reviews and software downloads.
  • The Web Developer Magazine Online - News for page writers.
  • The Scout Toolkit - Information on search tools, latest tools and technologies, future internet directions, and a selective guide to publications on the internet.
  • The Internet Index - Provides a list of statistics on Internet use. This is fun reading if you like trivia.

Electronic Newsstands
  • ABYZ News Links - links to newspapers, magazines, wire services, and broadcast stations around the world.
  • AJR NewsLink - links to 651 newspapers, 640 magazines, and more. Very well organized.
  • MediaFinder - Searchable guide to subscription information for 90,000 magazines, journals, newsletters, newspapers, and catalogs.
  • Yahoo! - Magazines
  • Yahoo! - News