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Resources for Teachers and Parents

General Education and Lesson Plan Sites

Education Portals
These sites feature education news, lesson plans, and sometimes host free school and classroom web sites.
  • Education World - This might be a good starting point for your exploration of education sites on the web. This site has a searchable subject directory of educational sites. It is also a good source of lesson plans related to currents events, holidays, and other seasonal events.
  • Discovery School - Web site for teachers, parents and students. In the teacher's section, you will find the ever popular Puzzlemaker
  • Big Chalk - Portal for teachers, students, parents, and librarians. This site has lesson plans and an excellent directory of study and research web sites.
  • TeachNet.Com - Education news, lesson plans, and teaching tips.
  • Canada's School Net - Links to educational resources plus information on Canada's use of the Internet in schools and libraries.
  • Ednow.Com - An internet portal for teachers, librarians, and administrators. A great deal of the site is commercial but there are still some helpful links to check out.
  • New York Times Teacher Connections - for grades 6-12. This site has a daily lesson plan and an archive of lesson plan sites. There are also education news and a column on the use of technology in schools.
Lesson Plan Sites
  • The Gateway to Educational Materials - Searchable directory of lesson plans, curriculum units, and other educational resources on the web. This site is sponsored by the US Department of Education.
  • Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - This is a directory of U.S. government resources for education. You will find a wide variety of materials for every subject area.
  • Marco Polo - Lesson plans and teacher training. This is a cooperative effort of six organizations such as The National Geographic Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science to provide high quality lesson plans online.
  • AskEric Virtual Library
  • EdHelper.Com - Many, many lesson plans, worksheets, web quests, and links to web sites.
  • About.Com Education - Take a look at the sites for elementary and secondary educators. There are links to lesson plans and other useful web sites.
  • A to Z Teacher Stuff - The strong point of this site are the thematic units for elementary and middle school students. This site also has lesson plans, worksheets, and advice on classroom management.
  • AT&T Educational Resources - Links to educational resources, classroom management, online projects and a lot more.
  • EduHound - An extensive directory of education web sites, including sites in Spanish. Sponsored by T.H.E. Journal.
  • Scholastic's Teacher Resource Center - Lesson plans for grades K-8. Many of these are internet based.
  • Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - An extensive listing of educational sites on the web.
  • Pitsco Resources for Teachers - Links to educational sites, classroom projects, finding keypals and lots more.
  • Teachers@Work - This site has 1000 rated and reviewed links to educational resources on the web. It is well organized, searchable, and has a very clear and helpful annotation for each site.
  • Apple Learning Interchange - Lesson plans, projects for integration of technology and the Internet into the curriculum, staff development and links to many educational resources. From Apple Computers.
  • Libraries and Archival Exhibitions on the Web - This directory of exhibitions could be the starting point for many web based lessons.
  • Web Exhibits - A fascinating collection of quality web sites. Fun to browse or to incorporate into class instruction.
  • The Adolescence Directory OnLine - Information on mental health, conflicts and violence, and a section for students.
  • Campaign for Our Children - Information on teenage pregnancy including statistics and the teen pregnancy clock.
Teaching Tips