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    Resources for Teachers and Parents
    General Science Resources for Teachers
    The National Science Education Standards - Prepared by the National Research Council. The text includes standards for teaching, content, assessment, and professional development.
    Benchmarks for Science Literacy - What students should know about science, math, and technology by the time they graduate from high school. This guide to instruction and the writing of a curriculum has been developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
    The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for the improvement of Math and Science Teaching - Lesson plans, links to science web sites, and professional development.
    The Digital Dozen - Monthly list of 12 top web sites in mathematics and science selected by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse. The lists for previous months are archived.
    Explorer - A large number of lesson plans and activities for math and science. Most need to be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format to be viewed.
    SciCentral - A directory of over 50,000 science sites on the internet, and a special section for K-12 sites. This is a good place to keep up with science in the news.
    Science Fair Central - Help with science fair projects, and a guide to running a science fair. From Discovery School.
    The Center for Science Education - Space Sciences. A directory of educational projects funded by NASA which may be searched by topic or grade level. This site is provided by the University of California at Berkeley
    The Challenger Center for Space Science Education- Uses the theme of space exploration to improve student learning in science and mathematics.
    Earth and Sky - Activities to accompany the daily radio program, and also links to lesson plan and science sites.
    Space.Com - This site provides current news of the space program, and also information on space, astronomy and Project SETI. It is a commercial site and sells books, astonomy programs and other materials.
    Exploring Planets in the Classroom - Hands on activities for studying earth, the planets, and geology.
    The Solar System - This site has pictures of the planets, and online quizzes for students about the planets and the solar system.
    Build the Solar System - This site has a calculator so you can get the distances right.
    Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground - Hands on Astronomy Activites for Kids. There are activites for studying the rotation of the earth, mapping, time and calendars, and the solar system and the moon.
    Paper Plate Education - The use of paper plates to demonstrate many of the concepts of astronomy. Good site when your supply budget is low.
    Astronomy with a Stick - Astronomy activities that can be done during the daytime. These activities which track the movement of the sun are for elementary and middle school students.
    The Women of NASA - Meet the women scientists at Ames Research Center. This is a K-12 initiative by NASA to interest more girls in careers in science.
    Mother Nature Fan Club - A directory of web sites about the environment, ecology, and environmental friendly living.
    The Entomology Index - Recommended entomology sites on the web for K-12 educators.
    Insects in the Classroom - Lesson plans for K-12 from Texas A&M University.
    Internet Travels in the Life Sciences - Aimed at the college and high school classroom, but all teachers of life science may find some useful links here.
    US Department of Agriculture for Kids - There is so much offered at this site that it is hard to describe. Visit Smokey the Bear, check out the food pyramid, and don't miss RUS the Surfing Squirrel.

    Biodidac - This may be the place to look if you need pictures for teaching life sciences.
    KinderGarden - Gardening in the curriculum for all grades levels. This is a good starting point for any teacher interested in starting a gradening project.
    The Tree of Life - A huge endeavor to create the phylogenetic relationships of life on earth. This site is composed of hundreds of pages distributed on 10 computers.
    Chemistry.Org - American Chemical Society site for chemistry teachers and students.
    K-12 Chemistry Links - from the Busy Teacher's web site.
    Ecology and Environment
    Environmental Education on the Internet - Resources for teachers and students, and also information on grants and environmental organizations.
    Environmental Protection Agency - Environmental education web site.
    The Environmental Education Network
    The Rainforest Alliance - Rainforest information and activities for kids and teachers.
    The Rainforest Action Network - Dedicated to preserving the rainforests.

    Educational in Nature - Environmental education units for 4th and 5th graders. This site includes lesson plans and worksheets.
    Weather Lesson Plans for Elementary Teachers - Lesson plans and links to weather web sites.
    The University of Michigan Weather Underground - Weather information.
    Project SkyMath - A six-weeks middle-school mathematics unit which incorporates real weather data.
    Neptune's Web - Oceanographic education site with lesson plans. By the US Navy.
    The Jason Project - Explore the ocean with this popular interactive science project.
    MI-Net - Educational resources for over 24 topics in oceanography from the Marine Institute of the University of Newfoundland.8/09
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    Resources for Teachers
    Health Lesson Plans and Web Quests - Many lesson plans and links to PE and health web sites by the EdHelper.
    American School Health Association - Organization for the provision of a healthy school environment for students and staff.
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    Resources for Teachers and Parents
    LD Online - A guide to learning disabilities of every type for parents, teachers, and children.
    The Council for Exceptional Children - An organization for those involved in the education of children with disabilities and the gifted.
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    Resources for Teachers and Parents
    General Sites
    The National Council for the Social Studies - Standards, teaching resources (internet, print and videos), and links to social studies web sites.
    History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 teachers - Huge list of links to other sites.
    Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources - links to sites with lesson plans for history, geography, and current events. There is also a section on online activities.
    Computers in the Social Studies Journal - Dedicated to the promotion of the use of personal computers and related technologies in K-12 education.
    Social Studies Teachers and Technology - Activities for the constructivist classroom. Article by Margaret L. Rice et al.

    Professional Cartoonists' Index - A teacher's guide to using political cartoons in the classroom at all grade levels. This web site contains an excellent collection of polital cartoons organized by artists' names and by state. This is a great tool for teaching current events and can also be included in the Language Arts, Journalism, and Art curriculum.
    The Geography Educator's World - This Canadian site has many links to web sites which will be useful to geography teachers.
    Working with Maps - Lesson plans for teaching map skills for grades 1 - 12 by the USGS.
    K-12 Internet Resources for Geography Education - Lesson plans and links to geography web sites.

    Education@NationalGeographic - Online expeditions, lesson plans, free printable maps, and, of course, National Geographic products for sale.
    Geography Home Page - From About.Com. There is quite a bit of geography information here. Take a look at the Geo Education link for lesson plans.
    Retanet - A resource for secondary educators who are looking for help in teaching about Latin America and the Carribean. Lesson plans and links to other useful web sites. From the Latin American Institute of the University of Michigan.
    AskAsia - This is a good source of lesson plans for Asian countries.
    Online Geography Games - A list of online games from Geography World..
    Federal Government Resources on the Web - Extensive directory of government web sites provided by the University of Michigan.
    The Federal Web Locator - Locate any part of the Federal Government
    The Government Information Sharing Project - Census and statistical data from the federal government.
    Constitution Day - Information and lesson plans for teaching about the US constitution.

    The Foreign Policy Association - The Educator's Corner provides information on teaching international relations. Their Great Decisions program may be used as a method of teaching foreign policy and current events in high school.
    History - General
    American Women's History : A Research Guide - Print and online sources in women's history.
    The Conquistadors - Based on the PBS TV series. This site has both information on the conquistidors and lesson plans for middle and high schools.
    The Food Timeline - The history of food with recipes and lesson plans.
    United States History
    United States History Lesson Plans - From ProTeacher.
    Civil War Interactive - An excellent starting point for locating civil war web sites. This site also has a Civil War Cookbook, On-this-day in the Civil War, and a guide to current Civil War shows on television.
    The Age of Imperialism - Lesson plan.
    A Critical Bibliography on North American Indians, Grades K-12 - A culturally sensitive and historically accurate list prepared by the Smithsonian Institution.
    Great American Speeches - Great political speeches of the 20th century with background information. From PBS.

    The History and Culture of Puerto Ricans - with lesson plans.
    The Liberty Bell: From Obscurity to Icon
    World History
    Mr. Donn's World History Lesson Plans - Links to lesson plans for all periods of history. Also links to world history clip art.
    History Lesson Plans - For elementary grades from ProTeacher.
    History Lesson Plans and Web Quests - From EdHelper.
    History Lesson Plans and Resources
    Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans - From the Detroit Institute of Arts.
    On-Line Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Classics - Locate web sites, CD-ROM's, videos and posters for teaching about the ancient world of Greece and Rome.
    WWWorld of Archaeology - Listing of links to archaeology sites on the web.
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    English Language Arts resources
    General Language Arts
    Teacher Services - From Random House, Bantam, Doubleday, Dell. Ideas for teaching Young Adult literature with books from these publishers.
    Page by Page: Creating a Children's Book - This excellent site takes you step by step through the creation of the book Zoom Upstream, written by Tim Wynn-Jones and illustrated by Eric Beddows. The site visitor will learn how the author got his ideas, how the illustrator drew the pictures, and how the publishing company prepared the manuscript for publication. By the National Library of Canada.
    13@13 Exciting Reading
    Book Council.
    Teaching Chicano and Puerto Rican Literature - A unit for middle school students.

    The Project Gutenberg Homepage - Directory of all books stored electronically. These books may be read online or downloaded to your computer.
    The Oxford Book of English Verse, 1919 edition - The whole book is now online and searchable. You can also locate poems by author, title, and first line.
    Yahoo's Literature Index
    The de Grummond Children's Literature Collection - from the University of Southern Mississippi.
    Books for Children and Young Adults - links to more literature sites.
    Other Language Arts
    Language Arts Lesson Plans - From the Awesome Library. Many, many lesson plans for k-12 language arts classes.
    The Write Site - By combining journalism, writing and technology, this site is designed to improve middle school students language arts skills.
    Language Sites on the Internet - An extensive list of sites for dictionaries, word games, puns, grammar, and other English language links.
    TampaReads - Over 800 worksheets for K-4 (or remedial) reading, vocabulary and phonics.
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